Kirin PRO wireless R2 gaming mouse (Kailh 8.0 switch)

2,590.00 ฿ THB

Kirin PRO wireless R2 is a high quality mouse made for true gamers.

Custom made software and firmware by Loga, Kirin PRO wireless R2 has proved its excellence by a PRO player who won an Esport tournament using it.

Kirin PRO wireless R2 comes with a 3370 sensor, the highest precision and non-delay sensor for wireless mouse from Pixart. With a last long battery (85 hours in non-lighting mode), Kirin PRO wireless R2 ' LOD height is also adjustable.

It uses Kailh 8.0 switch, a high standard switch on par with the global brands, which has a solid clicking feeling and prevents unintentional double click. A white mouse's feet underneath is smooth and sturdy for gamer's longer usage.

Swappable cover for those who want to customize their mouse's looks.

Kirin PRO wireless R2 comes with 2 colors options, white and black.

Included in the box

Kirin Pro wireless gaming mouse
Paracord cable (Type c)
USB adaptor
Extra mouse feet
2.4Ghz USB receiver


Pixart 3370 Sensor
Kailh 8.0 switch
PTFE mouse feet
85 hours battery / Led off
No delay 2.4Ghz wireless 
Type C paracord cable
77g weight with hole cover ( 80 g with non-hole cover)


*2 years warranty in Thailand
*1 year warranty worldwide

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