LOGA X Indigoskin : Mantra XXL mousepad [ Limited edition]

2,190.00 ฿ THB

LOGA X Indigoskin is a collaborative project between Thai Gaming brand and Thai Jeans brand. After Loga had been pursuing a profound Thai art to put on our mousepad for years, we were honored to work with Indigoskin, an internationally recognized brand, and use their art on our product.

Included in the box

- A lotus pond art (Indigoskin signature art) Mantra XXL mousepad (85 x 40 cm, 4 mm thickness)

- A premium Jeans pocket with a lotus pond art on it

- A Indigoskin logo keycap 1 U (Cherry profile) and a lotus pond art keycap 6.25 U spacebar

- Stickers: Loga logo x2, Indigoskin logo x2, and lotus pond x2

- indigoskin glass mat

- Indigoskin fragrance paper

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