Garuda PRO wireless gaming mouse

$80.00 USD

Garuda Pro wireless : a pro level gaming mouse

Garuda Pro wireless is a symmetrical shape and feather light mouse. Its cover is changeable and the height is adjustable to suit everyone’s palm. Garuda Pro wireless comes with both solid and holes covers.

Not only maintaining the quality of the chipset and 3370 sensor, Loga also improves the mouse but adding Kaih GM 8.0 switches which can support more than 80 millions clicks.

With the holes cover and in wireless mode, Garuda Pro wireless weighs only 65 grams which helps you move the mouse easier with less effort. The high quality PTFE mouse feet is a pro quality mouse feet right from the box.

You can also use Garuda Pro wireless in wired mode. With a light weight Paracord cord with USB-C head, you can charge your mouse while using the mouse with a slightly heavier weight.  The light underneath the Loga logo will blink red when the battery is almost empty and will go back to normal once the battery is almost full.

Garuda pro wireless software is available at https://www.logaworld.com/pages/download. You can use the software to set up macros, profiles, and RGB light.The software also enables you to adjust debounce rate for faster clicking and prevent unintentional double click.

Garuda Pro wireless has 2 years warranty in Thailand and 1 year warrant in other countries. Please check https://www.logaworld.com/policies/refund-policy for more information.

Price 2890 THB


Kailh GM 8.0 switch
Sensor 3370 (Max dpi 19000, IPS 400)
2.4Ghz with no delay
RGB light is adjustable with software

USB-C port socket
Adjustable height to suit your palm
Weight 65 g (± 0.5g) with holes cover in wireless mode
Weight 68 g (± 0.5g) with solid cover in wireless mode
300 mAH battery life (maximum 44 hrs. at 1000 polling rate without RGB light )
OS Win XP/Mac OSX 10.1 or later
Software (windows only)  is available at https://www.logaworld.com/pages/download

In the box

Garuda Pro wireless
Wireless receiver (under the mouse cover)
1 high + holes cover, 1 high + solid cover, 1 low + holes cover, and 1 low + solid cover
USB - C paracord cord
USB adaptor

Extra set of Mouse Feet

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