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LOGA X PUCK V2 : Mantra XXL mousepad : Keep calm and play more games [Limited Edition]

1,990.00 ฿ THB

The new version of the much-loved LOGA X PUCK Mantra XXL mousepad is here!

 Puck's art, in his signature style, depicts Thai art with a parody of gaming and Thailand's current situation.

 This time, Keep Calm and Play More Games incorporates the elements of cryptocurrency and blockchain, which are gaining popularity in our society. Ravana, the main character, is engaged in an NFT game. Despite being immersed in a gaming world, he enjoys collecting his favorite video game-related products despite the pressures of a chaotic society.

 The limited edition Mantra XXL Keep Calm and Play More Games has a special size of 850mm x 400mm and a thickness of 4mm.

 Include in The Box

-  1 sticker set

-  6 keycaps (cherry profile) for Esc row

-  Green apple fragrance pad

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