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LOGA MANEKI-NEKO : The Golden Keycap

390.00 ฿ THB

Maneki-neko Fortune Cat

The Maneki-neko, or beckoning cat, is a cat figurine that people around the world often use as a charm to bring good luck. It is believed to bring prosperity to businesses, and these figurines are commonly seen in various shops, restaurants, and homes.

The Maneki-neko featured as the keycap in this version is depicted with its right paw raised, symbolizing an invitation to good fortune and wealth. Additionally, it serves as a symbol of protection, safety, and happiness for those who believe in the Maneki-neko.

Maneki-neko Legend

The legend of the Maneki-neko has several stories. One well-known tale is said to have occurred in the Edo period. There was a very poor old woman who had a beloved cat. She shared everything, including her meals, with the cat. Eventually, she could no longer afford to care for the cat and released it into the night. That very night, the old woman dreamt that the cat told her to make a clay figurine in its likeness, and she would be fortunate. The next morning, she sculpted a cat from clay. Before long, a stranger passing by noticed the figurine and bought it. The old woman started making and selling more cat figurines, gaining wealth. With the newfound prosperity, she was able to bring her beloved cat back and care for it once again. Since then, it has been widely believed that cats bring good fortune, and Maneki-neko figurines are crafted and placed in various locations.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Product Specifications

  • 1U-sized metal keycap
  • Made from Zinc-Alloy
  • Shiny gold color
  • Compatible with MX stem keyboards

*Note: Keycap sizes may slightly vary between switch brands, and they can be easily modified to fit the keycap stem.

The Maneki-neko Fortune Cat keycap is available for purchase at the price of 390 Thai Baht.

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