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LOGA Mantra PRO Cordura Control mousepad : Elemental

$25.00 USD

Cordura Mantra Pro mousepad has a rough surface and is designed for Control + Hybrid use. Made of a sturdy Cordura cloth, this mousepad emphasizes stopping power and is suitable for FPS gaming, which requires not only good control but also maintaining high speed. Having 4 mm thickness, Cordura Mantra Pro is good for both PTFE and Glass mouse feet.


When used with PTFE mouse feet, it has excellent control.

When used with Glass mouse feet, you get smooth control with great microadjustment.


The theme "Elemental," designed by a Thai artist in a Thai and Japanese style, depicts a story of the world's creation from four elements: earth, water, wind, and fire.



Cordura control cloth

4 mm thickness

Made in Taiwan

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