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390.00 ฿ THB


The switches come in a box of 35 each, priced at 390 Baht per box for both types.

For the separately sold version, we include a diffuser to create a smoother appearance for the RGB lighting. The switches are also pre-lubed for your convenience.

To avoid confusion, we would like to clarify once again, as there has been a frequent mix-up in terminology. There are Thai Milk switches and Thai Tea switches. However, the correct classification is:

Pink Milk / Nomyen (นมเย็น) > Linear: Soft and smooth with a consistent actuation. Suitable for those who prefer a smooth, responsive feel for gaming that doesn't require a lot of force.

Thai Tea / ChaThai (ชาไทย) > Tactile 2: Two-stage tactile feedback with an audible click. Suitable for those who enjoy a typing experience with pronounced tactile feedback. It provides a tactile response stronger than regular tactile switches, similar to Holypanda but with a good balance of weight and force.

For specifications, you can refer to the image below or try them out in person at computer marts or authorized stores that have Ravana2 samples.

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