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LOGA Mutelu keycaps series: blind box keycaps Mutelu

$10.00 USD

Product is in a blind box, you will get only one product per box.

LOGA Mutelu keycaps series: blind box keycaps Mutelu

Here comes the Blindbox that everyone has been waiting for , along with the ability to use the cards that come with the blind box to play mini-games via IG filters (use filters on IG loga_world).

  • Each card can be used to play different mini-games.

Phra Phikanes: can worship and make offerings.

Thao Wes Suwan: can press to recharge energy every day.

Phra Mae Laksmi: will randomly give love fortunes.

Payanak: will have randomly generated numbers on the stone.

Just one dive each, anyone who wants a set box must buy from the representative only.

The set box will have 8 pieces in one box. Not confirmed to get a Rare and may have duplicates.

In this series, there will be 4 pieces, and each piece has a Rare in gold color. The chance of getting gold color is 10%.


  • LOGA will only sell individual box 

  • Products are made the same way as making Art toys. PVC is used to shape the product.

  • Extra cards are provided. If it is rare, it will be in gold color, and the cards can be used to play IG filters. Each card can play different types.

  • It is recommended to use buttons that are not pressed because the size of the keycaps may not fit perfectly with all types of switches or sliders.

Price 388 baht per box

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