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LOGA Tenchi Plus Esport Mousepad: Hanuman Edition

1,590.00 ฿ THB

Introducing the Tenchi Plus Esport Mousepad: Hanuman Edition.

This high-quality gaming mousepad is made from uncoated control fabric, same as Tenchi PRO but with a slightly different surface due to the printing process. However, we have upgraded the backing to Alpha Cell+ (4mm thick), which we have licensed to replace the use of Poron. This provides a closer feel to Poron while offering an even better value for the price.

The Tenchi Plus comes in two sizes: 50x50 cm, which is the new standard for FPS gaming, and 90x40 cm, suitable for general use or as a keyboard and laptop mat.

What sets this mousepad apart is its durable stitched edges. We have used a low-profile stitching method, ensuring smooth mouse movements without any snagging or fraying along the edges.

The design of this mousepad features a fusion of the Hanuman pattern with Thai and Japanese cultural elements. It beautifully combines the forefront of Hanuman with the art style of Daruma, creating a stunning pattern that showcases the Thai concept along with Japanese influences. This design was created by the talented artist Tonrer, whose various works can be found on Instagram.



  • Available in two sizes:

  • 50x50 cm, 4mm thickness

  • 90x40 cm, 4mm thickness

  • Fabric: Uncoated control smooth fabric

  • Backing: Alpha Cell+ 4mm

  • Edges: Low-profile stitching

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