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LOGA x Micemod : Tenchi PRO Esport premium mousepad

1,890.00 ฿ THB

Color of the year 2023 Limited edition

Premium esports mousepad designed especially for gamers, with the limited edition Viva Magenta color. We received feedback from professionals, influencers, and many customers that they wanted a high-quality mousepad with Japanese brand standards. We consulted with Micemod and were able to produce this product at a quality that is comparable to many international brands. The TENCHI PRO specification includes a medium-control speed, smooth uncoated surface, ROGERS PORON® rubber base with a medium softness, low-profile edge stitching, and dimensions of 500 x 500 x 3.5 mm.

TENCHI PRO specification

Speed  : Medium-Control

Surface : smooth and uncoated

Poron base  : ROGERS PORON®

Softness : MID

Edge : Low-profile 

Size : 500 x 500 x 3.5 mm

Color : Viva Magenta (Color of the Year 2023)

Introducing our new mousepad, designed to solve the common issues found with coated mousepads. Our Uncoated mousepad offers a smooth surface for a high-quality experience, without the problem of inconsistent speeds commonly found with coated mousepads.

Our mousepad is made from raw fibers, ensuring a longer lifespan and durability than coated options. It is also unaffected by temperature and humidity changes, unlike traditional coated mousepads that can become "sticky" and affect performance. Cleaning our mousepad is simple and won't affect its performance, unlike coated mousepads where the coating can wear off over time.

We understand that some users may prefer a softer touch than raw fibers can offer, which is why we have designed our mousepad to have a smooth texture. This allows for long-term use without discomfort or irritation. Our mousepad also offers a stable surface for precise gaming, making it perfect for FPS games.

Our mousepad is 3.5mm thick, using ROGERS PORON® from Japan, the same material used in Artisan mousepads. This material offers superior grip to traditional rubber bases, providing a high-quality user experience. Our mousepad also features a low-sew edge, ensuring a seamless surface that won't affect gameplay.

We offer our mousepad in a medium softness (MID) level, ensuring a stable tracking and flicking experience for gamers who want to improve their muscle memory over time. At 500x500mm, it's the perfect size for efficient and precise mouse movements.

Upgrade your gaming experience with our Uncoated mousepad today.


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