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LOGA x Micemod: Tenchi PRO Esport Premium Mousepad Black Edition

Finally, it comes in black, as voted by the community.

Review of Viva magenta color: 

After receiving suggestions from various professionals, influencers, and many customers that they wanted a high-quality mousepad akin to Japanese brands, we consulted with Micemod until we could produce one that matches the quality of many international brands.

TENCHI PRO Specification:

Speed: Medium to relatively low (Medium-Control)
Surface: Smooth, uncoated
Rubber base: ROGERS PORON®
Softness of rubber base: MID Edge stitching: Low-profile (lower than the surface

Price: 1,890 baht

Most people usually start using mousepads with coated surfaces. Generally, these mousepads have a smooth surface that provides a relatively high level of comfort during usage. However, after some time, a common issue with coated mousepads arises, namely, instability in speed or what many call "worn-out mousepads." This problem occurs due to changes in temperature and humidity. Additionally, cleaning coated mousepads can decrease their performance as the coating gradually wears off.

Consequently, this issue led the mousepad industry to consider changing the manufacturing process to produce mousepads in a new format: "coating-free" or "uncoated" mousepads. Instead of using coated fabric, raw fabric fibers were adopted because of their longer lifespan and durability. Furthermore, washing these mousepads doesn't impact their surface or speed since there's no coating to wear off.

However, using raw fabric fibers as the surface material may not suit everyone's preferences due to its rough texture, which might cause skin irritation with prolonged usage. To cater to all users and cover all gaming situations, especially FPS gaming, we decided to manufacture mousepads with a smooth touch and uncoated surface, providing similar comfort and speed as the most popular mousepads on the market, such as the GSR-SE. These mousepads have addressed the issue of unstable speed on the surface and can be used for long periods without degradation in performance.

This mousepad, with a thickness of 3.5 millimeters, utilizes ROGERS PORON® rubber base, a genuine copyright material from Japan, commonly used in Artisan mousepad production, a well-known brand from Japan globally. This feature ensures better grip on the table compared to standard rubber bases in the market, clearly visible in the enhanced edge stitching, which can be stitched lower than the actual surface. Moreover, it comes in a MID softness level, providing consistent speed across the entire surface, making it more suitable for long-term muscle memory training in tracking and flicking. Available in standard sizes of 490 x 420 and 500 x 500 millimeters, it offers maximum efficiency for various usage scenarios.

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