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LOGA X PimDit: Thai Mutelu Keycap Set (XDA Profile)

1,290.00 ฿ THB 1,790.00 ฿ THB

Building upon the Mutelu set from the Tarot-themed PimDit, we collaborated with LOGA to create an authentic Thai version of Mutelu, filled with the charming symbols of divination, designed by PimDit.

  • This product is suitable for standard layouts, including a 6.25U spacebar. Please check your keyboard compatibility before purchasing.

** This product includes keycaps only and does not come with a keyboard.

The spirit house, the shrine to the guardian spirit, or even the city pillar, is something we encounter every day in Thailand. The act of divination is not something new or strange; it circulates around us daily. In this collaboration, LOGA and PimDit brainstormed ideas on what elements to incorporate into the keycaps to make them both adorable and practical, suitable for modern times.

If you observe the Numpad closely, you'll notice Thai numerals and gimmicks of icons that say "lucky numbers." This is something we, or people around us, often share on social media about twice a month as a normal routine. As for other icons, we encourage you to discover for yourself what they represent because revealing everything might take away the fun.

We chose the XDA profile for this set to make button customization in different positions easier. With XDA, all buttons have a similar shape, allowing you to choose multiple icons for various positions, making it convenient for those who are just starting to customize their keyboards.

The LOGA X PimDit: Thai Mutelu Keycap Set (XDA Profile) will be available for 1,790 Baht on Thursday, December 27.

May the power of divination be with you.

Product Specifications:

  • PBT Dye-sublimation

  • XDA Profile

  • 129 keys

  • Includes Thai and English language keycaps

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