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LOGA x SUNTUR Limited collection : Never Lost Any Game, Except Yours ( Mousepad , wireless mouse, keycap set )

1,990.00 ฿ THB 2,490.00 ฿ THB

LOGA x SUNTUR Limited Collection : Never Lost Any Game Except Yours

Lose a game to someone while showcasing an exclusive collection that will turn your computer desk or workspace into a miniature art exhibition. Featuring exclusive artwork only from LOGA, brought to you by SUNTUR.

The available products in this collection are as follows:

  1. LOGA X SUNTUR: Never lost any game, except yours: Mousepad box set priced at 2,490 Baht.

The items in the Box Set include:

  • Esport-grade mousepad (Tenchi plus, uncoated fabric, Alphacell 4mm base) with a low-profile edge stitch, measuring 90 x 40 cm, complete with a genuine product confirmation tag at the top left corner.
  • Museum-style label
  • Mini easel for artwork.
  • Digital print canvas image measuring 8 x 15 cm (run number) that can be framed or placed on your mini easel.
  • Spring-scented air freshener, artist's choice of scent.
  • 2 stickers.
  1. LOGA Garuda PRO mini wireless gaming mouse: SUNTUR Edition priced at 2,690 Baht.

This wireless Esport mouse features both Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity (compatible with Mac and Windows). It incorporates Pantone colors from the collection and bears the SUNTUR name. The product comes in a special artwork box as part of the collection and can be stacked together with the box. The mouse is covered by a 2-year warranty and allows you to switch the switches yourself. Additionally, we include Huano silent switches for quiet usage in an office environment.

Product Specs:

  • PAW 3395 (650 IPS, 26000 DPI)
  • Primary Huano Blue shell Pink dot switch 80M
  • 300 mAh battery (up to 60 hours at 500 Polling rate, 94 hours on Bluetooth)
  • B-wheel system for the middle mouse button
  • Weight: 60 g
  • 2.4 GHz wireless / Bluetooth wireless
  • Premium PTFE Mouse Feet
  • 1000 Hz polling rate
  • RGB lighting at DPI with receiver storage slot
  1. LOGA PBT Dyesub keycap set: SUNTUR Edition (English only) priced at 1,990 Baht.

This special keycap set uses the artwork of the artist and is printed using Dyesub on PBT plastic that won't fade. The profile is Cherry Profile, and there are a total of 141 keys, covering all standard layouts. This version of the set includes English-only fonts. The font has been newly designed to be unique to this art piece.

Available free content includes:

  1. Augmented Reality (Instagram filter): This AR filter is available to everyone; simply follow our Instagram page loga_world and download the filter. This AR filter transforms your computer desk into a 3D animated SUNTUR art display, activated by characters in the image and accompanied by a specially composed song for this art piece.

  2. Full-length version of the song used in the AR filter, available on YouTube with visuals.

  3. Mobile phone wallpapers, with computer wallpapers available as giveaways beforehand.

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